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Thread: tube vs. donor frame

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    tube vs. donor frame

    Hey, Im trying to get into kitcar building, so forgive me if this has been already posted or if its too much to ask of the "GODS of KITCARS", but whats the advantages/disadvantages of a tube frame vs a donor frame?

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    Re: tube vs. donor frame

    production frame a.k.a. fiero (what else is used anyway):
    - dirt cheap
    - electrical and mechanical and suspension is all done and installed
    - tested and pretty safe design, for the most part

    - heavy
    - certain size, like it or not
    - suspension is generally low end and not very high tech
    - transverse engine setup, no choice really
    - complex and messy procedure to stretch the frame

    tube frame:
    - if well made, safe and light
    - whatever size, shape, and suspension you want
    - custom fits body you have
    - whatever engine, where ever
    - replicate a real chassis if needed

    - most are amateur half-assed jobs, prone to rust and bad welds
    - design might be unsafe, and you won't find out, the surviving family members will find out :-\
    - can get very expensive very fast, from materials to labor, and who makes it
    - if badly designed, chassis flex or rattle can make for a bad driving experience
    - race suspension can cost as much as chassis itself
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    Re: tube vs. donor frame

    Well stated AutoMX!!!

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