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Thread: 355 grill dimensions

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    355 grill dimensions

    Hi, for anyone with a 355 - i'm looking for the height of the genuine grill which sits above the light panel at the rear of the car. This is the grill that also house's the script, ie F355 GTS etc ....

    I believe the grill is curved too, so if anyone can help i'm looking for the vertical minimum and maximum dimension of the grill height from the top of the light panel to where it bends over - underneath the bootlid. Does this make sense :-\ ? maybe it will be easier to post a pic, but if you understand this so far ! let me know.

    I'm doing an MR2 version, and i'm trying to improve the rear bootlid look so would be useful to have these measurement.


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    Re: 355 grill dimensions

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