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Thread: countach build manual

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    countach build manual

    Ive collected alot of articles about building a countach on this forum.
    There is all kinds of information to help you build your countach.
    If you would like me to e-mail you a copy let me know.
    (This is all in microsoft word)
    There is to much information to post on this forum since it would
    use 133 pages to print.
    Have a nice day

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    Re: countach build manual

    I'd like to maybe get that from you.

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    Re: countach build manual

    me too......

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    Re: countach build manual

    Add me to the list as well.


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    Re: countach build manual

    ant1 send me your e-mail address and I will send you the countach topic manual..

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    Re: countach build manual

    send to
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    Re: countach build manual

    Could you send it to me too at

    Thank you

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    Re: countach build manual

    I fired you off an email a few weeks ago but haven't heard back. If you could fire a copy off to me at, I'd really appreciate it!

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    Re: countach build manual

    Did anyone get this?
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    Re: countach build manual

    Yes, Vaughn was kind enough to share it with those who requested it...

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