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Thread: aluminum rims

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    aluminum rims

    I have a set of weld aluminum rims that are getting a dull look.
    How do I get a bright polished aluminum look to these rims.
    Thank You

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    Re: aluminum rims

    please explain

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    Re: aluminum rims

    my friend marcello need to constantly polish up his wheels to keep them from getting that dull look, so yea once you get that stuff, use it every month or so.
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    Re: aluminum rims

    This is the best and easyest stuff I've found. Use this frist.

    Then use this.
    Just rub it on. No need to work it. Then just let it hase over and wipe it off.

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    Re: aluminum rims

    I have a set of awesome wheels that were on the 308 but were stored outside before I bought the car and now they look realy bad..Does anyone know if these products work on heavy oxidization??

    These are the wheels when they looked good.. It has the Compomotive TS's on the car now but I would like to get these wheels in good shape since they are so rare and real close to real 328 wheels..

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    Re: aluminum rims

    I just took these pictures..Anyone know if I can I fix them?? Or where I could have them done..

    This is a real Ferrari wheel..

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    Re: aluminum rims

    I would consider those to be fixable.Because those rims arn't flash chromed,you might consider haveing them sand blasted (I dont think sand is actually used because you would end up with a rough surface)or you can clean them by hand and thats by useing a wet and dry sanding sponge (avalable at harbor Freight Tool)size 4inx6inx1/4in thick.I have seen rims like that befor and polishing probubly wont work,right off unless you use the sanding sponge or sand blasted first.Let me know if you have a problem finding the sanding sponges (nothing to course or gritty and allways rub two sanding sponges together first,this will reduce the surface tension on the sand paper,allso use dish soap and water on the sponges when cleaning them).
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    Re: aluminum rims

    Here is the history on those rims, that is baked on brake dust. The 2 worst rims were on the back of the car. I had lent the car to the same idiot I lent the money to Mark, he drove for about 20 miles with the park brake engaged and never bothered cleaning them, so they got real (red) hot and the brake dust baked on. This was prior to me sending the car to the Fiero Factory for the engine and interior upgrades. I had to have a close friend go retrieve the rims (it almost resulted in a fight) and they were left out in the weather. I think they can be salvaged but you are going to need to have them cleaned first (get rid of the baked on brake dust) then hand polish them or I should say machine polish them using the products Epic (Rob) showed. It really is a shame to see what a person can do with someone elses property when they are a "PIG". Sorry for the rant but when I saw the condition of the rims I wanted to puke. When I lent him the car the rims were in the same condition as the pictures you have on the board, that is the way I recieved them from Roger on the car.
    Regards Bill

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    Re: aluminum rims

    Rob, chill out, your letting a kid from Bulgria get to you. I have no idea why it isn't transparent to the admins what is going on with his money schemes or dreams of using other people's money? So he has computer skills and has delivered a "model" or two, but that is a far cry from a finished kit. He can't even provide any photos of his last idea/product because it was stolen by his best friend? I think the product Rob was talking about was Flitz products. I found the link to be very valuable Rob. Here it is guys. Take care. Bill

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    Re: aluminum rims

    Thanks Bill,

    I'm not too upset about my replies deleted in Bobi's thread. Hopefully people arent stupid enough to gamble with this guy...

    However the reply to this thread was usefull. my reply was "flitz it! " and a link to the website. How is that not helpful? what reason was there to deleted a post with that few words in it?


    Sorry guys. I deleted it by mistake. Once it was gone, there was no way to restore it. It looks like a good product.



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