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Thread: Important: Interchangeable Kit Car Parts

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    Important: Interchangeable Kit Car Parts

    I just had a scary thought.

    I don't know the manufacturer of my Ferrari 355 Berlinetta kit or its generation. ???

    (I do know it's not a Mirage because it required a stretch, has seperate rocker panels, the fenders and front bumper are one clip, and the rear bumper and quarter panels are another clip.)

    What if I were to get into an accident and had to replace a whole part, such as the front or rear clip or doors?

    Could I buy just any uncompleted kit on or other website and use the necessary parts to replace my own parts? (i.e. can I put any front clip from another kit onto my own front clip?)
    Would the fit be right?

    Does anyone know if this is possible? Has anyone ever had to do this?

    Thanks, It will really put my mind at ease. :-/


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    Re: Important: Interchangeable Kit Car Parts

    Maybe post a photo or 2! There are alot of individuals here that might be able to identify your replica. Just a thought!

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    Re: Important: Interchangeable Kit Car Parts

    If you need replacement parts, contact me and I will put you in touch with a few people who have them available.
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