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Thread: brake conversion

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    brake conversion

    I would like to upgrade my front and rear brakes on my 85 fiero/countach
    Has anyone used the 11.25" Chrysler rotor conversion, if so how well did
    the conversion work.
    Ive heard that if I lower the chassis from stock that this combination
    will not work.
    What other big brake combinations are used?
    I have a set of weld rims that where on a 88 camaro that I plan on using.
    Will the brakes from a camaro work on the fiero/countach?
    Thank You

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    Re: brake conversion

    I've seen discussions on the Lebaron brake setup on Pennock's forum before:

    I'm sure you'll find quite a bit of info if you search there. Let me know how it turns out, as I've been thinking of a brake upgrade on one of my Fieros!

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    Re: brake conversion

    HI all,

    You will find a ton of info and people who have done this conversion on pennocks forum, also the lebaron brake conversion is the better of the cheapest brake conversions out there... Not to mention that if you research pennocks you just might be able to put a lebaron conversion together, cheaper than what v8 archie sells his kit...

    Other then pennocks there are 3 places to get big brake kits from, that's including V8archie.... V8 archie is the only one selling the lebaron package, West Coast Fiero has various sizes from 9 to 13 inch rotors, including a 12 inch brembo package... If anyone wants to know, I did email westoast Fiero about a 13 inch brembo package and they said they were working on it..... And lastly, Held Motorsports, which also sell a couple of brake sizes... And Held is where most people who have to widen the front and rear track go to get there parts....

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    Re: brake conversion

    I have the labaron brake set up on my Diablo and it works great. I machined the brackets & rotors myself. I maybe making a few sets of the brackets in the next week.

    PM if you're interested.

    Here is a link to my build diary at Kit Central.

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    Re: brake conversion

    Here are some pictures of Corvette C5 brake conversion on my F40 replica. Regards Bill
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    Re: brake conversion

    Thats a nice setup Bill.. Wow..

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