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Thread: door handle

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    door handle

    just woundering if you guys could help me figure out how to move the handle down about 4 inches on my are from the stock location, as well how to make the rear deck lid lock and unlock, I'm sure it would be similar on the 355 as per the 308 kit i have any input would be great.....

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    Re: door handle

    the door handles are pretty straightforward. you need to weld or bolt brackets to attach the door handle where you want it and then bend and shorten the rod which is pushed down by the door handle to unlatch the door

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    Re: door handle

    For my 355, I am using solenoids and love it. With the large door scoops, the 355 is perfect for the push button for a solenoid.

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    Re: door handle

    Mr. Vicious. I just re-located the inner door handles on my project. I used Toyota 'flapper' type interior handles and the Fiero rod. Had to straighten the rod and experiment a lot to get everything going in the right direction. I was wondering while doing this if anyone ever used cables instead of rods to connect handle with latch?
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    Re: door handle

    I tried to use a cable to lock and unlock my door from the outside with no sucess.Right now Im not able to lock my car up.But Im not worried because nobody knowes how to open the door because you cant see the door handle.

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    Re: door handle

    Try this set up. I have used it since 1998 without any problems
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