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Thread: trunk help

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    trunk help

    my kit does not have a spot for the key whole and i dont know if the power trunk motor works cuase it didnt work in the fiero with that hood on, what are the four wires and what does each one do so i can try to figure out the trunk release

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    Re: trunk help

    Sorry I can't help at the moment with your trunk wire codes, but if you're working on a fiero kitcar you've GOTTA have a Haynes manual with the wiring diagrams in the back .

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    Re: trunk help

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    I put the 87 fiero wiring diagrams in the files section.
    The motor only has one wire - grey black put power to it and ground the unit (hard to do on the kit :-)
    and it should work.

    The trunk release relay in the Inst panel I believe takes 3 wires - 1 is the above wire going out,
    then one blk-white going to trunk rel sol. The 3rd is the safety it goes to the brakes and ign/trans.
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    Re: trunk help

    I made a hole for a key just incase the battery died or the solonoid stopped working. Otherwise you'll have a hard time opening the trunk without having to damage something.
    I used a metal box mounted to the rear of the trunk metal frame that the solonoid mounts to. The Fiero solonoid was too big so I got one from a later model buick that is more compact.
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    Re: trunk help

    I used a cable release in my car.And if that ever failed,I have it where I can remove a tail light to release it by reaching in and fliping it by hand.

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