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Thread: Body kit for c4 vett

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    Body kit for c4 vett

    Hey guy or girls I just wanted to know if there is a body kit out ther for the c4 corvette and if not does anyone have any ideas or plans to make one.
    Im looking to build something for this model car and as we all know thw world is running out of fieros.

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    Re: Body kit for c4 vett

    friend of mine purchased one of my diablo roadster bodies and cut it up and grafted pieces onto a late model vette ...he now has over $70,000 into it .. over 10k in paint alone he plans on showing it at performance world car show ...with ideas of possibly marketing it ..we have spoke at length about it from a business point of view it makes allot more sense with the sheer numbers of corvettes built and the numbers of them that are still on the road compared with the normal cars and fiero's ...just a vastly bigger market and turn around time for a build .... it will all depend if people like his car ...john

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    Re: Body kit for c4 vett

    I was thinking about something like that or a wide body kit. How hard do you think it would be to cut one up and make it work. I just think the fiero thing is getting old.I have three fiero sitting in my garage two for replica kits and one that is like new with 38,000 miles on her.They are so hard to find here in Pa.Im willing to spend the cash to make this work and hope to have a market for it also.

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    Re: Body kit for c4 vett

    he has about 1 year into it now weekends only .. but he has paid one of the top paint and body guys to get it straight on top of that ...custom stuff like this isn't nesseccarily hard to do but it take allot of time the whole thing that appealed to me was the build time ..weeks instead of months ..he won't share any pics yet ..his sits on a coupe for the time being I tried to get him to cut the roof off..and I am sure it will be easy to fit on a convertible too ... takes a bit of courage at the start too considering he started with a $20,000 car and took a saw to it

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    Re: Body kit for c4 vett

    These are all the Corvette donor cars I know of that are now available:

    Air Dynamics
    PO Box 223
    Tennga, GA 30751
    (706) 328-3311
    Manufactures a Ferrari 355 for Fiero and is developing a 360 Spider
    for Fiero or ΄99-05 Corvette $6,500

    Anteros Marketing
    1451 Doolittle Drive
    San Leandro, CA 94577
    (510) 569-3810
    Inspired by 1960 sportscar design derived from Corvette

    Classic Reflection Coachworks
    4425 100th Street SW, Suite H
    PO Box 99310
    Lakewood, WA 98499
    (253) 582-5830
    Turnkey 1962 Corvette replica on your Corvette convertible donor

    Cobras N Vettes
    4502 W. Tierra Buena
    Glendale, AZ 85306
    (602) 402-8504
    Manufactures the Cobray roadster with C3/C4 Corvette suspension

    Corvette Central
    13550 Three Oaks Rd.
    Sawyer, MI 49125
    (800) 345-4122
    (269) 426-3342
    Faithful reproduction of ’57 Corvette

    Dragon Motor Cars
    244 Walker Rd.
    P.O. Box 858
    Grantham, NH 03753
    (603) 863-5272
    Manufactures the original-design Dragon Series II Roadster, a ’50s–60s-style
    Scarab-style roadracer on a custom chassis w/Corvette suspension, Kits $14,990

    Exotic Rebodies, Inc.
    P.O. Box 530413
    Henderson, NV 89053
    (702) 340-0799
    (866) 260-4636
    Corvette C60 styling kit for 1997 - 2004 "C5" Corvette

    Group Five Limited
    1025 W. First Ave., Suite A
    Mesa, AZ 85210
    (480) 610-1202
    Manufactures Corvette-based Cobra replica, Cobrette:
    kit $6,250; turnkey $29,500

    Hunter’s Kit Car Mfg.and Sales
    6306 SE 113th St.
    Bellview, FL 34420
    (352) 425-6238
    Manufactures ’66 Cobra replicas on custom chassis w/narrowed Vette rear.
    Kits $10,100; turnkey $40,000

    Lone Star Classics, Inc.
    580 Aviator Dr.
    Fort Worth, TX 76179
    (877) 572-2277
    Manufactures Cobra-type roadster, GT40, Lambo, ’53 Vette, ’32 Ford. ’58 MBZ,
    Prowler kits. LS 427 Cobra kit $17,995, LS40 kit $27,000, LS32 body $2,500

    Mid-America Industries
    1519 E 1st Ave.
    Milan, IL 61264
    (309) 787-5119
    Fabricates Grand Sport Corvette replica panels, body components,
    on custom-built tubular frames for turnkey vehicles

    Mongoose Motorsports, LLC
    950 Lake Drive
    Medina, Ohio 44256
    (216) 533-9522
    (330) 958-8904
    D&D Grand Sport coupe & roadster replicas on a tube frame
    utilizing 1988–96 Corvette C4 suspension components

    Mosler Automotive
    2391 Old Dixie Highway
    Riviera Beach, Florida 33404
    (561) 842-2492
    Cambridgeshire +44(0)1480464052
    Norfolk +44(0)1362851940
    United Kingdom
    Manufactures the MT900S street version of Corvette mid-engine racer

    Muscle Motor Sports, Inc.
    11136 Sam Furr rd.
    Huntersville, NC 28078
    (877) 668-7253
    (704) 948-1040
    Lister replica race cars on Corvette C4 donor

    Rowley Corvette Supply, Inc.
    357 Main Street
    Rowley, MA 01969
    (978) 948-7730
    Rowley GTC, Ferrari Daytona Spider styling on a Corvette platform,
    Base kits $11,500, Partial built $26,500, All new turn-keys $69,500

    Street Rods Only
    11091 Woodcock Rd.
    Macon, IL 62544
    (217) 764-3838
    Manufacturers of ’58-60 Corvettes w/custom tubular chassis.

    Viper Car Parts
    1025 West 1st Ave
    Mesa, AZ 85210
    (480) 610-1202
    Manufactures Cobrette Cobra replica on Vette donor & Viper components

    This finished McBurnie Ferrari Daytona sold today on eBay for only $12,700!!!
    That is less than McBurnie sold the kits for back in the 80's. They usually sell for 2 to 3 times that!

    Please let me know if you find any other Vette-based kits. Thanks!

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    Re: Body kit for c4 vett

    Thanks for the info.Well from what I can see there are no lambo style kits out there so I think I may try to go with the lambo look,I have a nice vett that im going to cut up.Its going to be hard but I think I can get it to work.I may try this with the countach body im up in the air.Give me some input guys

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    Re: Body kit for c4 vett

    If you really want to cut up that Vette and build from scratch, you can get a set of lambo chassis plans for the do it yourselfer, that won't break the bank. Then you can adapt it to use the Vette suspension and running gear. You might even be able to cram the Vette engine and transaxle into the rear of a Lambo so you won't need to get a Porsche transaxle. I don't know, but these guys will. Contact Chassisworks here in Vegas...

    Chassisworks Inc.
    6885 Speedway Blvd , Unit Y-113
    Las Vegas, NV 89115
    (702) 644-3584
    High-performance chassis turnkeys for Lamborghini kits and also sells
    DIY Countach, Diablo and Murcielago chassis plans and components

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    Re: Body kit for c4 vett

    I don't know where you got "the world is running out of fieros" .... what world are you referring to (apparently one that doesn't have an eBay) ....

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    Re: Body kit for c4 vett

    Well take a look around.If if your talking about the 8,000 fiero's on ebay your nuts.Im just saying maybe its time to look into other donor cars.

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    Re: Body kit for c4 vett

    Vettes make great donor cars, and I'm sure there will be many more kits based on Vettes soon - both front and mid-engine cars.

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