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Thread: electric power steering pumps

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    electric power steering pumps

    hello, looking for some technical advice please, working on a modified spitfire so not technically a kit car but near enough considering everything thats changed. i'm interested in the possibility of using a standard hydraulic rack and and electric steering pump working off of the battery similar to some peaugouts, rather than a pulley from the crank . not sure how these systems work, whether the electric pump is constantly on or whether it is just on when you turn the steering wheel. does anyone have any knowledge of these systems? thanks.

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    Re: electric power steering pumps

    Welcome to the site.

    The pump runs when the engine is running. Much like an electric water pump. The supply of hydraulic power is there when you need it. Some European cars only use power steering in car parks or low speeds. You might find someone in the UK or on the DNA 360 thread who might know the answer to that one.


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