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Thread: 4 tech idle high - no battery charging

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    4 tech idle high - no battery charging

    I know I should post this on Pennock's first but here it goes. I have a 86 2M4 with 4 tech, it is idling way to high and the battery is not charging, when i disconect the battery negative terminal car continues to run so my problem is not the alternator....correct? Tried both my chiltons and haynes manuals, no joy. Help anyone???????

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    Re: 4 tech idle high - no battery charging

    I'm not familiar with your particular car, but as for idea's : idling high, could be a large air leak or have you checked your idle valve ? Sometimes just cleaning these allows them to regulate idle better.

    Battery well yes you are correct if the alternator is powering the car then there is SOME output from the alternator ( but maybe not enough to charge the battery ). The better way to check is to get hold of a current clamp, and see what current is flowing into the battery. However it could be as simple as your battery has seen better days !

    The other thing to consider is if you have an electrical fault that is draining the battery while the car is off, again a current clamp would tell you the quiescent current draw of the car when off. VERY VERY roughly , any thing more than 50mA may indicate a problem.


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