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Thread: Help with car assembly

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    Help with car assembly


    I'm a new member, but I've been reading this forum for a long time now.

    The reason why I've decided to register is because I'm currently building a disabled people vehicle (well, it's kinda university project) so I'm just rebuilding it, to see if I can learn anything.

    Well, so far thing's been going slowly. I'm assembling the throttle controller now and this 2 boxes were connected to it:

    Does anyone have any idea what this is for?

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Re: Help with car assembly

    Just a guess, but maybe it's cruise control? My Saturn Ion has cruise that is electronically operated; no cruise control cable at all, just a little black box that the throttle cable goes through....

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    Re: Help with car assembly

    Maybe its a govener to keep it from going over 200 MPH :P

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    Re: Help with car assembly

    It controls steering and lights. 24 Volts

    It uses a DX remote(joy stick), that conects to the slm.
    The slm is then conected to a servo and lights(side lights and indicator lights); then slm attached to dx-pm (power moduel) which attaches to the drive motor or two drive motors.

    Can I have my prize now?

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