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Thread: fiero big brakes

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    fiero big brakes

    the corvette rotors with fiero calipers; are they just for looks or do they actually stop better. I saw some @


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    Re: fiero big brakes

    You can ask brastic, he did that on his 88. However, he probably hasn't driven it enough to give it an acurate personal assestment.

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    Re: fiero big brakes

    Although I haven't driven mine with the 13" brakes, I would doubt that it would make any difference in daily driving. You can slide all four wheels with stock brakes. Unless you are on a road course where you are using your brakes constantly and fade is a factor, I suspect that they are a negative benefit due to increased unsprung weight in the suspension. I'm not sure about the weight effect on mine because although the rotors are heavier, the wilwood calipers are lighter.

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    Re: fiero big brakes

    I have not driven my car with the OEM or 12" C4 brakes enough to give a review. The main reason I went with the bigger brakes is because my stock ones were shot and the cost difference between OEM and C4 was less than $100. OK, I also like the look of the bigger brakes also. As for do they work, I have heard yes. One of the guys in the local Fiero club uses them on his track car and he said that it did make a difference.

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    Re: fiero big brakes

    $100 is cool! Mine were listed at $2300 at Held.

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