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Thread: Diablo on Camaro frame

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    Diablo on Camaro frame

    I' thought this was touched on a while back, but maybe it was on another forum...

    Anyhow, there is currently an auction up on the 'Bay for a Diablo kit on a Camaro chassis:

    I would really like to know how they did that. Not that it looks like it worked to any great extent, but even if they came close...
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    Re: Diablo on Camaro frame

    WHAT A PILE!! ;D Why in the world would someone butcher a roadster like that I don't think that will ever see anything other than the crusher



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    Re: Diablo on Camaro frame

    at least they didnt put it on aneon.

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    Re: Diablo on Camaro frame

    Quote Originally Posted by jdorr2002
    at least they didnt put it on aneon.
    Hey now.... ;D

    I drive a Neon, Although its the SRT4 version... Dont let the Neon its based on fool ya.. I have had many sports/muscle cars and this little Srt4 is a rocket and it blows my Mustang GT off the road.. I also have layed the smackdown on C5 Vettes, My friends Lt1 Trans Am with longtube headers and full exhaust, intake, chip and the 6 speed.. :P You have to see the look on thier faces when I get traction at about 60mph and proceed to blow thier doors off.. ;D in a Neon

    I admit its not a great base for a exotic, but I would much rather have a kit built on the Srt4 than the Pugeot that Extreme uses..

    On a side note, after I got the Neon I drove my Porsche only twice and sold it since it was not nearly as fun or fast as the Neon.. Thats the best way to describe the car "FUN".. It just puts a smile on your face every time you get the turbo boosting.. ;D And it is the worlds fastest production 4cyl car and went over 235mph with the stock block, tranny and body..

    Okay.. Im done.... 8)

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    Re: Diablo on Camaro frame

    oh my god Mr Ferrari.... SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR NEON.

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    Re: Diablo on Camaro frame

    The moron built it on a Camaro.. He should have used a Neon, It would have been so much faster and had way better brakes and handling.. Duh...

    That was for you Rob... ;D You Neon Hater... Well... The other 99% of the members hate them as well so :P

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    Re: Diablo on Camaro frame

    Not much snow at all, If any.. Just lots and lots of rain and gloom... :-\ Kinda like Londons foggy rainy season all year..

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    Re: Diablo on Camaro frame

    Quote Originally Posted by Black Ops
    I do not hate the Neon .. like I said in OZ we had them (Girls Car) ;D
    Ahh.. I dont recomend letting girls drive even a bone stock 300hp fwd Neon.. Certian tragedy...

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    Re: Diablo on Camaro frame

    Thats Minneapolis... I live about 1/2 hour from there...

    And yeah, They look very similar..

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    Re: Diablo on Camaro frame

    My turn.......

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