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Thread: motorcycle engine "how to"

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    motorcycle engine "how to"

    ??? hey guys I know it's been ask b4 about motorcycle engine on the kitcars. but my question is there is anybody have diagram or info can point me to right direction where i can get some info? thank you guys.

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    Re: motorcycle engine "how to"

    Do you want to use the entire motorcycle drive train, engine and tranny, and just use a chain drive through a differential to drive the rear, or do you have another idea?

    They Locost guys have a few BEC's (bike engine cars), so you can check them out

    Steve Graber is making a car of his own design using an old MR2, but this topic has come up there as well

    Good luck.
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    Re: motorcycle engine "how to"

    thanks! Any_key whatever which one aslong it works I so a two engine together w/ a car trans. one of the forum it looks good. I'm just after for the sound and horsepower. well who doesnt hehehe.

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