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Thread: Lambo Side Mirrors

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    Lambo Side Mirrors

    Have a completed Countach Kit Car which came with none of the accessories. I located some aftermarket side mirrors which are not cutting the mustard. Does anyone know of a OEM side mirror which can be purchased and used in this application ??

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    Re: Lambo Side Mirrors


    The Mirrors you need (same as OEM Lambo mirrors) are called Vitaloni Baby Turbo mirrors.

    Try these.... buggy/extacc/buggyext1.htm

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    Re: Lambo Side Mirrors

    I used the Baby Turbos on mine. They're nice mirrors for what they cost. I think I paid around $20 each.

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    Re: Lambo Side Mirrors

    I have some that can fold up. It comes in real handy while having a WIDE Lambo sitting in the garage. Just a pointer.

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