I just ran across this information on the Fiero Forum. It related to how to make your car handle better.



Hi everyone,

Some of you may know me and others not so I will introduce myself. My name is Paul Hosler and I have a company I call Hosler High Performance (HHP) I have been involved with fieros and racing for about 8 years now and I know I haven't posted much here, but wanted to let you know about a new product I am offering. I have put together Front and Rear adjustable sway bar kits for the '84 to '87 Fiero. Instead of explaining it here I'll just post a link to the PFF site so you can see the pictures and explanations. If you have questions, comments, or ideas (like make them for the '88) they are all welcome. Hopefully I sent this to the group correctly. It's been a LONG time since I posted.


Thank you.

2003 IMSA Fiero