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Thread: Time to build the exterior of a countach?

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    Time to build the exterior of a countach?

    I was looking at the euroworks countach replica. I am wanting to go non-stretched for safety, monetary, and time reasons. For the time being the engine would probably remain stock, and the interior will be upgraded piece by piece as I want to make a custom interior.

    My question is about how long is it going to take to strip the fiero, bolt the body on, and install the headlights/turn signals/etc to make the car "drivable"? I think from reading on here that the body takes a matter of hours to come off, the headlights seem like they are going to be fun because of the alignment, but the door mechanism is what really scares me.

    I will be doing the painting myself, I was just curious what it takes to get a nonstretched kit to that point, with stock everything but the exterior?

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    Re: Time to build the exterior of a countach?

    Even the non strech lambo bodies are going to be difficult. If you want something more bolt on(everything requires some fabrication) you should look into 355 coupe. With the lambo you still have to deal with assembling and mounting doors, creating mounting flanges and fiberglassing on body, and cutting the roof off. Plus non stretch look goofy in my opinion and unless you get a really good deal on the body and fiero and can do every bit of work yourself and know how to find good deals on paint and materials you WILL lose money on the car when you decide to sell it. You WILL lose A LOT more if you get half way through and decide it is over your head or you lose interest. If your set on one buy one off ebay for less than 10K.

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