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Thread: 84 Fiero's

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    84 Fiero's

    Hello all,
    I found a great deal on 3 1984 Fiero's for $300 each. I have been looking around for info on useing them for a Lamborghini kitcar. I see alot of people useing the 87 and 88 fiero but no info ont he 84. Is the 84 useable? What is the downside of useing it? I am looking for this info before I go get the cars and end up with something I cant use.


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    Re: 84 Fiero's

    The suspension on the 84-87 Fiero is inferior to that of the '88. Everything else on the car is basically the same, assuming you will be doing an engine transplant.

    If your doing a kit car your gona probably replace the whole suspension anyways, so there shouldn't be a problem using an 84.

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    Re: 84 Fiero's

    wow thats not a bad deal ive been looking for a donar for my future project car can you possibly tell a bit more information about them? or are you gunna snatch them all your self


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    Re: 84 Fiero's


    I found the cars on a fiero msgboard. I talked to the guy and he said that all 3 were 84's. One was a 4 speed that had a blown head gasket. One was an auto with a bad fuel pump and the other was an auto that had been wrecked. He said even that one could be used for what I wanted to do with it.

    I will prob only be geting the 4 speed. I dont have the website or his info right off hand, I am at work but I will be happy to post it when I get home. The cars are located in Tampa FL which is good for me seeing that is like a 30 min drive away.

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    Re: 84 Fiero's

    Possible fire Hazzard and over heating problems due to the 3 Quart oil Capacity.
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