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Thread: Speedo problems, Please read

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    Speedo problems, Please read

    I know I have asked this question probably before, but now the warm weather is here and I can take my car out, here is my question again,

    Do someone have the info they can email me on how to calibrate my speedo? Its the 260 mph one with the button on the front. It will track the miles I've gone but not the speed. Im using a 4.5 liter caddy engine with a 2 barrel carb, and a fiero auto trans.

    If anyone could meet me at my house to calibrate it for me, I will pay you for your time.



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    Re: Speedo problems, Please read

    Hi there for a old asking price of 60k for
    your car ,maybe I should be asking you how to calibrate a $300
    fiero tranny and $ 50gauge?
    Better yet bring it back to the builder that hosed you!
    And yes I spoke with John and his breakdown of build
    prices:$1000 in budget for complete drivetrain
    eg used engine from wreckers and a fiero tranny
    and used axles,and used hubs (bearings probably have 300k on them)

    so in short a 60-65k car with maybe a $1ooo used engine and tranny
    sounds like something isn't adding up.
    A super exotic car that a honda will blow the poorly installed doors off!

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Re: Speedo problems, Please read

    Im sorry you feel that way, I beliveve I got a great value for my car, and I know john built a great car and is a very honest guy. If you don't think my car is good, that's fine that's your opinion.

    Can someone please help me with my speedo? Its from Naerc.

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    Re: Speedo problems, Please read

    just to set the record straight from my side of the fence Diablo,s take approx 6 months for 1 GUY to build(I am on my 3rd ) that works out to roughly 1000 hrs I charge $40 pr hr (not enough by todays rates). out of that $40 pr hr I pay for my shop / rent /heat /insurance ,taxes /hydro and try to slide my teenage son who works very hard for me some cash ..that right there is $40,000 out of the $60k leaving only $20,000 in parts to build the car ...I am fully up front and make no misrepresatation of engines mechanicals where they come from and condition etc could not build a diablo for $60k and have new engine / tranny / suspension / add in the price of the kit itself / all the replica lights /badges /$4000 for wheels / the interior takes min 4 hides of leather $1400/ the glass costs me $1000 cnd by the time it gets to the shop/ paint ...I could go on and on ...the choice in the end for the final bill and parts that go into the car are the customers .. and I am very honest with my customers about what their money buys them think I hosed him your entitled to your opinion of course ...John THE FIBERGLASS WORKSHOP LTD

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    Re: Speedo problems, Please read

    thank you Wayne anytime your close to the shop I know its a fair drive I will have another crack at it ..john

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    Re: Speedo problems, Please read

    Print this PDF file and walk through the steps it is really easy.
    Start reading on page three, section 3 unit III.
    Don't worry about setting it wrong, you can correct it later by entering the pulse per mile or by follwing a car at a known speed and choosing the 'adjust' feature.


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