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Thread: 3.4 DOHC dyno results

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    3.4 DOHC dyno results

    I went to the dyno today to get a baseline run on my 3.4 dohc before I turbo it.
    The dyno measured 218 hp at 6300 at the wheels. The engine is basically a stock 97 with a cold air intake and a free flowing exhaust. The ECM is from a 92 5 speed lumina (MAP based). Chip from Sinister Performance. My goal of 300 rwhp shouldn't be too hard to attain.
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    Re: 3.4 DOHC dyno results

    Looks like some good numbers. The turbo will be a big plus.

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    Re: 3.4 DOHC dyno results

    Wow, that is really good. If I remember the stock HP is around 215? I like the 3.4 DOHC engine, because it loves to rev to the moon with a nice mostly flat torque curve. I also felt this was a good choice for the low gearing of the Getrag. My only complaint was the lack of torque in low PRMs. A small turbo pushing even 5lbs is going to open this engine up.

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