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Thread: Beginner in the planning stages

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    Beginner in the planning stages

    I'm not terribly versed in auto tech, only have the four years of highschool auto mechanics to go off of and an uncle who is a mechanic. I'm a 21 year old art major and I'm extremely determined to get this underway. I imagine it'll be the topic of numerous papers and projects through my college career so I'm not just a starry eyed teen looking for something to make me look cool . Though there's nothing wrong with that i guess, never underestimate the ambition of a young adult trying to impress the ladies haha! But the bottom line is I've been doing my homework and I've been reading through the posts in this forum all the way back to about mid '05 (around page 30). I've filled my favorites folders up with extremely helpful threads, that and the expertise of it's posters tells me that this is the perfect place to ask questions.

    A little info on the project. I'm building a custom body based off of the Lexus used in Minority Report. It's not an exact replica, I'll have my own design ideas, color schemes, etc. But i want a rear mounted engine and enough room for driver, passenger and one rear passenger. (I can live without the rear passenger if need be). I want something with a little get up but performance isn't the deciding factor in my design, though it will be important. So I'm probably going to go with some sort of rice burner set up. As much as i would rather go with a huge v8, it would kind of spoil the ambiance of the car. So something quiet but still sporty.

    So i guess the questions, after looking through the forums, are:

    1. Everyone seems to be pretty adamant on using Fieros as the donor cars. Is this more or less the standard in kit cars?
    Is it fairly versatile in terms of what types/shapes of body's are able to be bolted to it? My designs are only on paper so
    it wouldn't be a problem to modify them to fit this chassis. Or if anyone has a suggestion that would better fit the project that would
    also be appreciated.

    2. What would be the best set up for at least moderate power but also good fuel economy (i am in college!)? I don't need a 4 second
    0-60 but I'm also not aiming at 80 mpg. So I'm guessing this is also gonna be a deciding factor on what chassis i use, which takes me
    back to question #1

    3. My design is gonna call for a custom winshield and probably rear glass also. Is it hard/expensive to get this done? I haven't done my
    home work on this yet but as is the standard in automobiles custom = $$$.

    Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Also if there are any kit car owners in Tennessee (Chattanooga, Nashville, Knoxville vicinity) let me know. Networking makes life easier! 8)

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    Re: Beginner in the planning stages

    A company building a similar car.

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    Re: Beginner in the planning stages

    That's pretty cool. It's close to what I'm gonna be doing but i don't like their car's rear body work. it's too plain for me. I had once thought about using some sort of BMW for the donor car but i don't know if anyone has had any luck with it.

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    Re: Beginner in the planning stages

    Take it from someone who is in the end of design, building production equipment, and getting ready for production. Glass is a huge obstacle, do not underestimate that portion. No one, no one in the US glass business is interested in talking to you. If you get one of the big producers to talk to you they will discuss $10K per glass for building their molds and minimums in the 100's of glasses. There are many other options for glass, it can be done and we are doing it, BUT it is not easy, and it has taken unbelievable patience.

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    Re: Beginner in the planning stages

    Wow... so what other options do I have?

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    Re: Beginner in the planning stages

    There are companies willing to do small runs of custom glass in China, Indonesia, Australia, and Eastern Europe. It is not impossible to get, it just painful. The other and far less painful option is to scour salvage yards for something close in a production car that might fit your needs. I looked and looked and it just ruined the look and impact of my car. I went with custom glass. If you decide to go that way, you need a couple of things, money and patience. Remember the windshield must be laminated DOT glass and the rest should be tempered DOT but can be laminated.

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    Re: Beginner in the planning stages

    Scavenging seems like the way I'll be going. The new VW Beetles have just about the exact roof line that I'm looking for. So I've all but decided to find a chopped off beetle roof for the car. But I've got to look into the dimensions of it and everything to make sure that it's viable. But it would take car of the problem of looking for the glass for the whole car. Just brainstorming at the moment

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