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Thread: Convertible top hell.

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    Convertible top hell.

    Hey all yous! I have been looking all over the internet for any drawings of the convertable top mech, without breaking the bank. I understand the automoda top is the one to duplicate, and have only vague pictures of its install from another F355 page. Does anyone have an installation video for this or any other top? The one I am referring to has a hydraulic cylinder that can pull the top up/down, and I plan to use Plexi or smoked lexan for the 'targa' portion. Any help would be appreciated as I am at the stage of deciding what to do next. Thanks! Erk

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    Re: Convertible top hell.

    I've been struggling with the same thing!
    I Have found a company that sells a sort of covertable kit, but there's a fairly big problem: The "Targa" portion is supposed to slide behind the seats, and it doesn't fit unless you cut out a portion of the center console, which in return requires you to move your fuel tank.

    The way I plan to try and attack it is make a foldable targa portion which I will put in the trunk. I'll keep you updated on my progress.

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    Re: Convertible top hell.

    Here's a fiero convertible website - maybe they can help.

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    Re: Convertible top hell.

    I used to have a 1975 Porsche 911 Targa. The targa portion used to collapse to fit under the front hood with plenty of room to spare. Do these Targa Kits offer the same type of configuration or are they all one piece?
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    Re: Convertible top hell.

    I created a targa for my 308 that fits under the front bonnet perfectly. I have no idea about a 355 targa though. The reason mine works so well is that I used the top of another fiero and used the sunroof glass as a template.

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    Re: Convertible top hell.

    I have an LA Machine convertible kit. It's not as nice as the Automoda kits in that it doesn't fold down completely flat, but it does fold down as one piece without worrying about storing a targa panel. The mechanism looks like it is entirely hand made from flat metal, bent, shaped, and welded. It would be quite a project to copy it. I may modify it for my TR, not sure yet. I'll be scanning the instalation manual and posting pics on my website shortly.

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    Re: Convertible top hell.

    i recently got a conv. that uses the targa front section. from what i'm leaarning it was a dealer option (not from pontiac it's self). the targa part folds in half. i put it in a garbage bag (i'm going to look for an f body t top bag. i think it will go in there) and put it in the rear trunk.

    i'm not good with posting pics but someone put some up for me on the fiero forum. in the general section, titled "convertible pics...if i can get some help". the pics aren't too sharp but they might help a little.
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    Re: Convertible top hell.

    Just click on the "How to post images on this form" just under the kitcar form logo at the top of this page.<br />Family wagon paid for! Now for the mid-life crisis solution.

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    Re: Convertible top hell.

    Any updates on tops for 355 replicas? I need to acquire one for my car.
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    Re: Convertible top hell.

    I could use a convertable top frame for my stock bodied Fiero.

    My top snaps and slides on (HATE IT) Would love to have a folding top.

    Anybody got any ideas?


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