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Thread: tail light re-wiring?

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    tail light re-wiring?

    ok.... here goes.... everyone here i think should know how the tail lights light up on the fiero
    the one element is for when the headlights are on, the other is the break, but it also is the signal as well...
    is there any way to hve just the signal light up and not the break and just the break and not the signal in the red one for my please.....

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    Re: tail light re-wiring?

    I've got a similar setup for the taillights on my car (I think). I ran the Fiero brake wires to my red lenses, and then ran a lead from my front signals to the back amber lenses. What you end up with is a signal that blinks both the amber and red on the one side when on. A bit different, but no one will miss your turn!

    Here's a short video of it working:
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    Re: tail light re-wiring?

    What you want is probably here
    See the wiring.pdf file

    PS. BullRider - you have a typo on the closing scene of your video :-)
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    Re: tail light re-wiring?

    I know, I know... I was putting it together too fast and it was rendered and uploaded before I caught it. Sorry.
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    Re: tail light re-wiring?

    Yes,its possible.You will need a 12V bulb that is inserted in a socket with the wires on the end (an old automotive bulb and socket will do.Get one at the wrecking yard if you need to),or a Multi Metter will allso work.From what I remember, in a duel filament bulb there are 2 hot wires + (one for each filament),and they share one single common ground.You can use the 12V buld, to find out what wire, does what function,by turning on the parking lights or applieing the brakes.Use a note pad and paper, eventualley you'll find out whats what.I beleave you need to seperate the two hot wires or just use one for the turn signals if you allready have the break lights hooked up.(Each tail light or turn signal,may have to share that common ground).Hope this makes sence.
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