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Thread: Weight Of Stock Panels

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    Weight Of Stock Panels

    I know one of the advantages of fiberglass is the weight to strength ratio. How much do the stock panels weigh? I was just curious as to what kind of weight savings you would see because of the reduced amount of metal. There would have to be at least a couple hundred pounds of weight loss.

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    Re: Weight Of Stock Panels

    Fiero panels are, overall, less weight than the fiberglass panels that are put on these kits. The Fiero panels are thin fiberglass as well as some plastic so are pretty light overall. I don't have exact weight numbers but all the parts I have put on and taken off my kit are heavier than the original Fiero I took off.

    When cutting the roof off the Fiero for the convertible, you also end up with a lot of additional metal tubing for reinforcement. I would hazard a guess that I put a whole lot more metal back on to the car than I took off with the roof section.

    You just have to swap out the anemic 2.8 stock engine with a 3.8 Supercharged or V8 to compensate....

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    Re: Weight Of Stock Panels

    I concur with Don. The kits and associated componants weigh more than the Fiero parts removed but in the end the difference is no big deal umless you were to go racing. Then that would be an entirely different topic. If you choose a Spider like Don and I did, the metal added to the Chassis will weigh a lot more than that removed just to get it as strong as the Fiero. That is one reason why the AD kit manufactured by John Watson is so popular. The glass is thinner than most and the top stays in place as GM designed it.

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