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Thread: Automatic bonnet / boot supports

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    Automatic bonnet / boot supports

    ok.. please dont flame me for not searching but I dont know what there called so cant really do a search. I was just wondering if any one had sourced / found some automatic supports that will lift / close your bonnet boot (trunk) via a button on the dash.. I'm assuming these would need to be a hydraulic thing with a controlled motor. I'm also guessing you wouldnt need a reservoir because it would just go back in the other end.. a sort of hydraulic ram type thing may be. Something similar to how the honda accord estate can open and close its boot lid.


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    Re: Automatic bonnet / boot supports

    I don't know about your country there but here for custom opening trunks etc. the trend is to use "linear actuators" which are a self-contained electric screw drive cylinder with an attached motor and gear reduction box. The Sebring kit cars which were the further copying of the Sterling and Nova design switched to these back in the 1970's in place of the hydraulic system that was previously used to raise the one piece canopy top up and down. I owned about 5 Sebring's in the past and all had those systems. They were very reliable and required no maintenance. Linear actuators are quite strong for their size and smaller items or panels can be opened or lifted using just one unit in some applications. Even the headlight systems on the later Sebrings were lifted up and down by a similar small unit.

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