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Thread: AD355 build manual

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    AD355 build manual

    Even though this forum has been instrumental to my AD355 build, the one thing that bugged me about this kit was the lack of a manual. I went though my notes from the year of research and the year and a half build of my kit and started a manual. I see we have some new people here who are staring their build and are asking basic questions that should be in a manual somewhere. I am no means an expert or all knowing. There are also more than one way to build these cars, and I am trying to include all options known. Now that I am about half way done, I could use some help. If I could ask for people to download this first attempt and read over it, I would be grateful.

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    Re: AD355 build manual

    downloaded and printed too

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    Re: AD355 build manual


    Thank you for taking the time to work on this manual. You are doing a great job indeed. My printer printed about half of it before it ran out of ink. (CRAP) another $35.00!! Cheaper than a Ferrari part though!

    Any thought to adding recommended bracing for use on spider builds.

    Thanks again for your hard work

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    Re: AD355 build manual

    I built a coupe so I know little about the spyder. Most of the build will be the same, with the difference being bracing the car, cutting the roof and reenforcing the rear deck area. There are web pages and magazines articles on reenforcing the Fiero. Cutting the roof off is easy with a saws-all. The part that is not covered is how to brace the rear deck. I will try to write something up.

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    Re: AD355 build manual

    Can someone who built a spyder get back to me with some information about the build so I can put it into the manual? ...Or any other informaiton that people have that should be added?

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