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Thread: snap off steering wheel

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    snap off steering wheel

    i used to have a toyota mr2 which i modified alot ,one item i bought was a snap-off steering wheel which i could take off at night or anywhere so the car had no steering wheel if anyone looked in.after i sold the car & bought my pontiac i enquired if they made one for the fiero,they said they had one for the firebird will this fit ? or can i get one in the usa as i live in the uk? have you even heard off these? ???

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    Re: snap off steering wheel

    Check out . They sell a Quick Release Assembly that's a bolt-on(not welded) unit for Momo/Sparco adapters & wheels. They even have a horn ring adapter. I have this and find it invaluable. It even deters my sixteen yr old when I've taken off to the cottage. If I'm in a downtown environment, I use a small laptop bag to 'bag' the wheel. Great, quality product... 'for off-road use only' hehehe!
    The only downside to this is the steering wheel is closer to you, but it's not even an issue with me now.

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