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Thread: Lamborghini Gallardo replica?

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    Lamborghini Gallardo replica?

    I'm not sure in this has been asked, but does anybody know about a Gallardo replica? if this has been asked or brought up before, please don't just trash this tread, tell me about any info or pics, or links, whatever you can.

    thanks for your time.


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    Re: Lamborghini Gallardo replica?

    I've seen a partial build that is referenced on this site. I in no way mean to sound rude, but please search and you might find what your looking for. Theres a TON of Murcielago threads, but I think theres 1 or 2 gallardo threads with a half build.

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    Re: Lamborghini Gallardo replica?

    I think I saw a thread on here about one being built in Astralia. Thats the only one Im aware of.

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