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Thread: lamborghini replica in Victoria

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    lamborghini replica in Victoria

    This message is for the guy in Victoria who has the Lambo replica. I would email you directly, but I lost your address. A while back you said if was over on the island i could check out your replica, and could give me some pointers and info about starting my own build.
    I cant remember you screen name on this thing, I think it's lambo-bull, or bull-rider, it's bull something I know. Anyway, if this is you, or if anyone knows of this person, pass on this message.

    Trying to get a hold of this guy.



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    Re: lamborghini replica in Victoria

    As you were talk to myself and Bob (BullRider) here Victoria. Both of us have Lambos... Myself 5000S and Bob 25th... BullRider checks this site out just about every day....

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    Re: lamborghini replica in Victoria


    Sent you a PM with my contact info. Felix and I live in the Western Communities, about 10 minutes from Victoria or 30 minutes from the ferries. Give me a shout and we'll see if we can get hooked up.

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