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Thread: Door locks and handles

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    Door locks and handles

    Is there any one that know from what car Countach have taken the door locks and handles?


    Any recommendations what fit well?
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    Re: Door locks and handles

    Older Mercedes .. Mid 80s or so. Got some this summer
    at a junk yard.
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    Re: Door locks and handles

    I have some latches that the previous owner said came out of an 80's mercedes. They are huge. The strike or catch part is round and open in the middle and the latch has a pin in it that drops into the strike. My problem is that the latch portion will not fit into the door without cutting the latch down ALOT. I don't think this one is going to work if I cut it down. Anyone have a pic or exact year of merc? What was the one used by IFG for both the countach and the diablo? I have talked with IFG and am not impressed with how they seem to "guess" at the prices for items when I called them. Suggestions on someone else to get some from? ???

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    Re: Door locks and handles

    this is what I've got in a doc on building a cheap Countach from scratch:

    The door hinge is a Bedford 1976 door hinge (refer to the door hinge diagram). Door letch can be a standard VW or a early model Mercedes like 1973 to 1977 (make sure itís the one with the long guiding pin). The gas struts for the doors can be obtained from a car wrecker or from gas strut supplier.
    I hope you guys can use it.

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    Re: Door locks and handles

    you can use MB locks but it needs some surgical mods,and it is bit hard to install outside push up lock. go back to see old forum re lathes etc.for Lambo. I used Audi/VW locks and works A1.

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    Re: Door locks and handles

    The latches on a Countach are off a Mercedes Benz 240 or 280 series, 1971-72, chassis type 114, 114 or 116.

    Part numbers for the latches are:
    LHD: A1267200135 (Left)
    A1267200435 (Right)

    RHD: A1267200235 (Left)
    A1267300335 (Right)

    The front and back doors are the same except for a child lock on the rears.

    Lamborghini use the latches and strikers as OEM equipment.

    New in Australia the latches retail for $215 (AU) and the striker for $165 (genuine Mercedes parts)

    I got some of this info (except prices and RHD part numbers) from:

    Hope this helps....

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    Re: Door locks and handles

    ???Kind of on this same topic,,,,,,,,,,I am seeing the latch assembly being attached on the body and the striker on the door on some kits. Which of these is more practical and functional? I realize that the IFG has the latch on the door.......... Oh the choices we have............. 8)

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