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Thread: f40 aquisition- advice please

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    f40 aquisition- advice please

    I am taking delivery of an F 40-- 88 chassis/86 2.8 with an 88 5 speed in about a week. Have to drive it 750 miles to Mazatlan from the Mexican border. the previous owner/builder says the slave cyl pushrod is too long, and the clutch slips at high rpm. V8 archie measures the piston stroke at 1.20 inches. My question is: with the pushrod fully inside the slave bore, what is the proper length of the rod outside of the bore- anyone know? I have a couple of other questions I'll post later. Thanks in advance, Steve

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    Re: f40 aquisition- advice please

    Not to get too far off topic, but I would consider having the car shipped. I don't know what the rates are south of the border, but I just shipped a car 515 miles for only $425. Between the price of gas, taking an extra car and driver to drop you off, presumably a night's stay at a hotel, and most of all piece of mind that it won't break down, I think shipping the car is well worth it in the long run! The last car I shipped was through these guys:

    I see they have a pretty low review, but my car was picked up and delivered right on time. Took them 3 days to pick it up, and was delived in 24 hrs.

    I'd google auto transport, post your info to get a few rate quotes, and pick the best rate. Best wishes with it, and sorry again to get a little off topic...

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    Re: f40 aquisition- advice please

    If someone lengthened it then they didn't know how a hydraulic clutch works. It must have a bent pedal, common problem.
    If you can manually force the pushrod into the cylinder then it is not a pushrod problem and it is a pressure plate problem. The clutch will feel weak for the next couple of pumps.
    If you can't push the rod back into cylinder then the rod it too long.
    Instead of removing and cutting at the border, simply make some shims from washers. Loosen the slave cylinder mounting nuts until the clutch lever stops moving with slave cylinder or has free play, install shims and retighten.
    In a pinch, you could even drive with it loose.


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    Re: f40 aquisition- advice please

    Thankyou guys for the info- makes a lot of sense just shimming for now. The car cost me $3000 US just to get it from Alberta to the Mexican border. Another $1500 from Nogales Mexico to Mazatlan. Even a trailer with tolls will cost me over $1000. Believe me, I would rather not drive it until proven, but am running out of money. Will give myself a couple of days to sort things out as best I can. Thanks again!

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    Re: f40 aquisition- advice please

    RHK - thanks for posting the info on your shipping. I'll be needing to get 1 car to indiana from calif and another from Detroit to calif. I'm thinking about driving the first one to indiana, then taking mass transit to detroit to pick up the second car and drive it back. The time to do all this is gonna be liek a vacation but I've had bad experiences with shipping cars. Given the choice, i think I'd rather ship, but really don't wanna hassel with it. Driving across the western states is beautiful though, as long as you don't have to worry too much about breaking down. it looks like I'll be travelling 76 and 80 which hopefully are heavily travelled enough that cel phone reception will bring 911 if I need it.

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