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    Donor Car Questions


    I am in the process of designing an Ariel Atom style car, and I have completed a preliminary CAD model (). This design involves disassembling a front wheel drive car and placing the engine and drivetrain in the rear. In most donor cars, the exhaust manifold faces the front of the car - this presents a problem when the same engine is placed in the rear. A forward-facing exhaust manifold creates two complications: first, it mandates complicated exhaust tubing work, and second (more importantly), it places the exhaust manifold dangerously close to the gas tank (boom) and the passengers. Therefore, I ask: which four cylinder engines commonly available have rear-facing exhaust manifolds?
    Several examples of engines which would fit this requirement: Honda K20 Engine, GM Ecotec L61, but these engines are fairly new and therefore prohibitively expensive.


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    Re: Donor Car Questions

    Sounds like an interesting project, some other cars are the 96-02 Cavalier Z24 /Sunfire GT 2.4L engines (150hp), Neon engines, sohc(132hp) dohc (150hp), those are the only one's I can think of right now.

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    Re: Donor Car Questions


    USE the 2zz from a celica GTS! you can use the 6spd as well and have 190bhp while using the shift cables and hubs from a MR2 spyder! I think the idea would be grand! The manifold is on the back side of the engine which will make it very easy to make an exhaust, the engine is lighter and revs to 8K RPM with ease. This would kill any NA K20 motor that ariel cars use!

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    Re: Donor Car Questions

    The MR2 should fit your bill, and the engine ranges from $500ish for the MK1 (85 to 89), ~$800 for the supercharged MK1 (88-89), the MK2 NA is about $600 and the turbo 3S-GTE (210 to 240hp stock) varies in price, but about $ ~1500 to 2000

    The important thing is the thing come with a tranny that's facing the right way, a motor thats designed for RWD+rear engine, and getting a parts MR2 will give you brakes, a steering rack and countless other parts for the project...and a gas tank that won't blow up in case you're worried ;D
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    Re: Donor Car Questions

    Assuming you're in the US, I wouldn't consider the GM Ecotec L61 prohibitively expensive. I just did a search on and found several for $500.

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