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Thread: Pulling a body off the buck

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    Pulling a body off the buck

    One thing that has always befuddled me in the build process is how to pull the body off of the buck when it is cured. I see a lot of one piece body kits around and with the curvature at the bottom of the body curving inward it seems like it would be incredibly hard to get the body off of it without breaking something. Do you have to disassemble the buck from underneath to get it out? I know when I have assembled sub boxes that the mdf is essentially stuck in there since the pieces are larger than the hole.

    Just something that has bothered me.

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    Re: Pulling a body off the buck

    You need to make the mold of the buck first, then make a body inside the mold.
    The mold must be made in sections
    Here is link to some pictures of the process.

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    Re: Pulling a body off the buck

    I'm sorry if I wasn't as clear as I'd like to be, but I'm talking about even when you make a mold off of the buck...

    At the bottom of the car body it would curve in obviously. To me it seems like this would cause the mold to hold onto the buck like a claw. I see many 1 piece kits and I wonder how it would be possible to get the mold off of the buck without taking it into multiple pieces (unless you would bolt together the mold pieces to make a 1 piece body).

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    Re: Pulling a body off the buck

    Exactly!.......................................... ...
    Without talent experience is worthless

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    Re: Pulling a body off the buck

    Hey Muttled did you look at the link that jdinner gave you? The process is pretty well explained in the images.

    To handle the negative drafts on the body buck. You have to design and build the mold forms in sections that can be bolted together and removed one at a time. It’s a tricky process and I am going to be doing this myself so I am no expert but I do understand how the process works. You will notice in the images that there are several sections that make up the final mold. You simply bolt the mold together and lay in your fiberglass. Once cured you start removing all the individual sections to release it the form from the mold it takes a lot of work and they make a special wedge splitter for separating the mold sections.

    Hopes this helps… I had a hard time understanding how it worked as well and so I visited a shop here in town that builds custom cars and giant race boats and they use the same process. They took me on a tour to show me how it all works. Pretty cool stuff..

    PS… most one peace body kits use molds that are split up into sections… it’s the only way.

    - Neal
    - Neal Bailey<br />-

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