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Thread: I need an engine...

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    I need an engine...


    I am working on a paper project right now, I want to build a mid engined car.
    Defiantly with double wishbone suspension, a limited slip diff, huge brakes...

    Hopefully not bigger than a Lotus Elise

    The thing is, I need an engine, and I dont dont which.
    The car, as you can imagine wont be as light as a Lotus, so Ill need a liitle bit more horse power.
    Somewhere above 250bhp.

    Trouble is, I am completely confused, as to which engine I should get.
    I have experience (and I love) BMW engines, but they too expensive.
    So, I have though of a turbo charged, or supercharged engines. The engines are not that expensive, and Turbos are a fast and easy way of tunig a car.
    I have heard a lot of good about Toyota's 2 litre engines, but I have no experience what so ever with those.

    Do you have any experience with a cheap, moderatly realiable engine that can take a lot of punishment ?

    (I should note, to the american readers, that I live in Europe... )

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    Re: I need an engine...

    Sounds like you are looking for a light (ie < 350lbs) engine that is inexpensive. This will rule out the V8s. I would look into the Toyota (4AGE comes to mind) or the turbo Subaru engines. The 2.2l Subaru engine I put into my Sterling was 260lb wet when I put it on the scale.

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    Re: I need an engine...

    x2 on the subaru engine. I beleive they are set up in a boxer configuration too which could help with fitment. You could use a flipped beetle tranny. They are cheap and there is a huge aftermarket so you could pick any gearing you want.

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    Re: I need an engine...

    I thought about going that route with my 356 speedster. Problem is you have to really upgrade the beetle box (pref swap it for a van box) to get it to take the strain of the scooby boxer turbo.

    If it was me, I would keep the beetle box and drop in a mazda rotary engine. There are a couple of companies that make adaptor plates I could point you in the direction of.

    They are many ways to make a rotary really fly but for the home DIYer I would suggest using a carb set up (to save you having to do all that EFI nonsense) and then stick a turbo on it. If you are a little braver, then try a later 13b rotary with EFI and turbo already on it. If you do stcik with a scooby block, be aware that the very latest US STI engines, once taken out of the car can only be reinstated by a dealer due to software coding, which to my knowledge, no-one has been able to crack yet (though some have spent some time trying!)

    The big advantage of the rotary is they are a really light motor and they can put out lots of BHP but have a more gentle torque curve (the thing that will kill your tranny with a scooby engine)

    Let me know how you get on. I decided against cutting my speedster up to put one in and am now drooling after a DNA replica to join it in the toyshop!

    Another alternative (if you want to make a Lotus eater) is to start with an MR2 Spyder and turbo it or put a 2zz swap in there and sort out the suspension. Oh the world is just full of options!!!!! ;D

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