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Thread: how to lay fiber glass

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    how to lay fiber glass

    Hey i know this is not about kit cars but im sure you guys know alot about carbon fiber and fiber glass. i've got a ferrari 355 but im about to get a bmw 325is 92 model. and i'll probably have some money left over. the paint is a bit faded, so im want to replicate the body panels with carbon fiber and add an air dam here and there do i make the mold??? do i just take the hood for example and just put a few fiberglass sheets on it resin it up and then i have my negative, then i just put the sheets of carbon fiber on the inside of the hood and then resin them up right? i know i've left out some of the process but im only 16 so do correct me wherever i am wrong.

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    Re: how to lay fiber glass

    soooo ur 16 and you have a 355????

    umm..... ???

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    Re: how to lay fiber glass

    yeah 355 f1 spyder. my grandfather owns like a european import/ used cars deal and i model so i got a decent deal on it. but the thing is too meticulous to care for and all. you have to use premium gas. you have the gas tank the size of my bladder and on top of that you have a v8 to suck it all up. but god do i love to hear that transmission whine. im just gonna keep it for a track car. which is why im getting the 325is . i also wanna do a bit of body work to the 355. like i wanna eliminate the luggage area in the front and make an f50 style hood for it so it goes through the grill in the front and out of the hood onto the windshield for (i hope) aerodynamic benefit. would that be difficult?

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    Re: how to lay fiber glass

    My guess is if you're 100% legit (we've heard plenty of similar stories which turned out to be BS) then you could easily get a bunch of money from selling original parts off your car which you could use to get what you need for the project. they would also most likely pay off body work that could be done by a pro in a decent shop.
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    Re: how to lay fiber glass

    If you do not know how to lay fiberglass, complain about gas millage or the use of premium gas (which the 328is will need also), then I would guess that yes, it will be difficult. Starting out on a project like this is overkill also. This is like someone picking up some paint and thinking that their first painting will be an instance treasure. This project would take a lot of time even for the pros. Please also consider that modifying the 355 will kill its value.

    I am not trying to kill you dreams and if you want to go out and do this to stuff me, then so be it. Just know that this is going to be a bit of work and if it does not come out right, you will be left with a hacked up 355.

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    Re: how to lay fiber glass

    If you want to get rid of the 355 I will trade you one of my engine swapped Meras for it and you will get much better gas mileage, excellent handling, and one hell of a lot of performance. Let me know if you are interested!

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    Re: how to lay fiber glass

    come on guys, this is just one of the people who have 2 or 3 post because they have an idea for one weekend.... they tend to come and go.

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    Re: how to lay fiber glass

    This website is a wealth of information, THANKS!

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