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Thread: Dodge V10 Donor?

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    Dodge V10 Donor?

    Anyone put any thought into this?

    I just picked up an '01 Viper R/T that I'm hoping to have on the road in about two or three weeks. The motor looks pretty bulletproof, and they're tried and true with high horsepower, gobs of torque and not bad pricing for parts or availability. Wrecked Vipers are all over the place, too.

    8.0L V10 with 450hp and 500ft/lbs of torque in a Countach or Diablo replica sounds fun to me. Throw another few grand at that thing and you'll be talking somewhere in the 600's. Any reason this couldn't be thrown into a replica?
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    Re: Dodge V10 Donor?

    It is about 6 inches longer than the BMW V12. I have 1/2" of clearance at my distributors on the front of the motor and my axles have about 1" of deflection towards the rear. I would like to move the engine even more forward but I can't.
    If you turned it around and used a V drive no problem.

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    Re: Dodge V10 Donor?

    Personally I think the main reason is price, there's an 03-06 Viper motor for sale on ebay for $7000 US, so its not cheap

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    Re: Dodge V10 Donor?

    I suppose, however if you can nab a wrecked Viper for under $20K, you'll probably find that there is very little wrong with it. I got mine for $19K. Vipers are easy to write off due to the high cost of new OEM parts. All it needed was a new hood, fascia, rad, condenser, oil cooler and rad subframe. Mine will be back on the road with new paint for around $30K. I'm sure you could get one in far worse condition for a far cheaper price. Nab the suspension and brakes from that beast while you're at it. I'm sure there would be more parts you could steal as well. Additionally, the Vipers usually have ridiculously low mileage as they're babied cars most of the time. Finding them wrecked with 12K miles on them is not hard if you're patient. Then you get a virtually new engine, tranny, clutch, etc. If you were to part the rest out on Ebay, you'd probably make your money back.
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