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Thread: Turbo kits

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    Turbo kits

    Does anyone still make turbo kits that ARE SMOG Legal?

    You guys would not believe the discombobulated pile of pipes the last owner bashed together on my spyder. EVERY connection seems to be leaking, and there is no EGR, and no Cat!!!

    None of the exhaust shops around even want to touch it (it is illegal here in California!) YIKES! HELP!

    Also have another question, DKOV, does (or would) your 3.8L V6 pass smog? (at least does it have it's requisite emissions gear?) Need to Email Archie about the LT1 swap, to find out if his conversion can be smog legal, (or maybe one of you knows)
    None can fathom my consternation at this one...
    Please help?
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    Re: Turbo kits

    Funny enough, that seems to be my only option. I can actually do that, albeit somewhat quasi-legally.

    Unfortunately, that does not help the exaust leaks.

    Hopefully, someone still makes a kit, the pipes themselves cannot be that expensive, and it would not be hard to include, at the very least, a Cat in the System. That would probably bring me to passing by itself. Unfortunately, no one seems to want to work on the car's exhaust, because it carries a 25K fine in Ca. They have been very nice, but...not nice enough to risk that. I wouldn't want to be caught by a state inspector either.
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    Re: Turbo kits

    CATS!!!! LOL!!!!! I HATE CATS! I yanked the cats off My 12 second mustang and the Lambo. In Texas.... there's always someone willing to pass a car for $20 bucks. Plus the sound is oh so sweet to my ears.
    I would see hoy much the guy at your local muffler shop would charge for the plumbing on your turbo. He should have all the equipment to bend and fab your pipes together and you can go with larger diameter pipe. May be cheeper than ondering a turbo plumbing kit.

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    Re: Turbo kits

    Would be nice....But NONE of the shops are willing to risk Jail, and fines. Here in California, things are a little different. They take the smog thing VERY SERIOUSLY. Every exhaust shop has taken one look, and said..."please make that go away, and we'll pretend we never saw it." Also, all the smog machines here are electronically tied to DMV so......dont even think of failing, or you have to go to a special test center, to have EVERYTHING verified. They are smart around here, lol.

    I would not recommend running without Cats is a FEDERAL violation...and about a $50,000 dollar fine to remove them(from a vehicle that was factory equipped with them), unless replacing...and can only do it if the cat itself is malfunctioning. It isn't worth it,(unless you really want to be Bubba's new roommate and really doesnt do anything for you, as a computer controlled vehicle is designed to run with them...eliminating the backpressure, could be detrimental to both power, and longevity of the engine system. And oh in California...the state inspectors actually check the shops....and they will ensure free room and board for people who don't play by the rules. So, I need to get this car into compliance, or swap the engine (as long as the conversion is smog legal).
    87 3.1Turbo GT Spyder

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