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Thread: 3800SC in a 87 automatic Fiero

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    3800SC in a 87 automatic Fiero

    I have a 87 fiero that is an automatic and I am looking for the easiest way to do the 3800sc swap. I have a 3800sc series 2 engine and the part of actually putting it in the car dosn't seem to hard but the part about wiring and ecm does. Can anyone help me? Is their a piggy back unit or do I need to re-wire the whole car or what?

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    Re: 3800SC in a 87 automatic Fiero

    Felix and I will be dropping in a 3800SC to his Countach in the next couple of weeks. Engine is on its way from Ohio right now. I'm sure he or I will post pics and info once we're into the project.
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    Re: 3800SC in a 87 automatic Fiero

    Is it a manual or automatic?

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    Re: 3800SC in a 87 automatic Fiero

    I've got an 86 with the 3800SC II and the matching 4T65eHD tranny. I think it's the best way to go since it's giving you a great auto overdrive transmission with the EMC controlling everything just like it did in the original car. You might want to go here...
    That's the Pennock's forum. Just do put in 3800 in a seach and you'll get a bunch of stuff. As far simplifying your electrical several guys on that forum make "plug and play" wire harness stuff. Here's Lloydes at Fast Fiero's for instance...
    There are other guys that are also doing this at less pricing but as you can see Lloyde does a neat layout. While you're on Pennock's particularly look for build threads by Darkhorizon as he show's many cost effective ways to do the 3800 swaps. Hope this helps.

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    Re: 3800SC in a 87 automatic Fiero

    873800c, yes it is an Auto... I bought the complete package from an 01 GP GTP... Engine with 40K, HD tranny, engine and tranny Wire harness, and Axles... Like Darrelk said... do allot of reading on Pennocks forum. I know I did and still am while I wait for my Package arrive from OH. I have my old 2.8 out and my crade all cleaned and painted for it new engine... Hopfully it will be here early next week....

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    Re: 3800SC in a 87 automatic Fiero

    What about if I go with the 3800sc engine, 3800sc computer, and a stock automatic transmisson but go ahead and strip out all of the original wiringing and go with a kit from painless for about $200? Would this be the easiest way to get the parts to mate up and run flawlessly?

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    Re: 3800SC in a 87 automatic Fiero

    I do not believe that you want to use a stock Fiero automatic transmission if you want the vehicle to keep running for any extended period of time. If you want to use an automatic transmission, I suggest that you get one that is supplied with the 3800 SC. That transmission is capable of handling the generated torque. There are several people who build complete harnesses for the 3800 SC if that is a problem for you. If you want some names, PM me and I will dig them up.

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    Re: 3800SC in a 87 automatic Fiero

    I would not even consider using the stock Fiero transmission in the swap. I did a 4.9 swap with a 4t60E. In addition to being built to handle the torque of the donor engine, it's a 4 speed auto versus the Fiero 3 spd auto, and has an overdrive as well for better fuel economy.

    You'll need to swap driveaxles as well in the trans swap. I got all my info here:

    Read through the trans section here as well, even though it's for the Cadillac:

    Budget $500-$750 for someone to do the wiring harness for you (you supply both Fiero and donor harness). With some help I did my own, but it took forever and I'd definitely pay to have it done next time.

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