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Thread: Working with Fiberglass

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    Working with Fiberglass

    Hi All,

    Does anybody have a link that specifically shows how to create new fiberglass bumper covers, rocker panels, etc? I've always wondered how the aftermarket "crowd" goes about creating these products for... let's say a Boxster, and they're able to recreate all the mounting holes, and everything else.

    I have a 98 Boxster and I've noticed that bumpers that would normally fit a 2004 911 has been modified to fit a 98 Boxster.

    Any help would be great!

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    Re: Working with Fiberglass

    depending on how upscale the aftermarket people are, you may get anything between a badly fitting part with no mounting hardware all the way to a piece that looks 100% authentic. the nice ones mold the mounting hardware from the original part [from the car it's going on] or replicate it in metal if needed. it's not really that complicated, just hard to do and time consuming, with complex molds and all.
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