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Thread: Carbon Fiber Inserts...

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    Carbon Fiber Inserts...

    Does anyone know where I can find carbon fiber inserts for the whole interior of a Countach kit? Dash, door panels, etc. ???
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    Re: Carbon Fiber Inserts...

    ??? I certainly have no idea! This brings up a good point though. If carbon fiber is so tough ( I'm guessing here) then how do you shape it or cut it? I too would like to place some of this stuff behind my tail lights on the countach. I did find this stuff in my searches of the web for "stuff".
    Other than looking too "loose" of a weave, it doesn't look too bad. 8) I'll be keeping up with this topic.

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    Re: Carbon Fiber Inserts...

    I know a company 'Folia Tec' that makes a Carbon Design look kit.

    Check the Interior Category

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    Re: Carbon Fiber Inserts...

    Carbon fiber comes in sheets much like fiberglass, except that it is impregnated with resin. *It is cut with a good pair of scissors, or an Exacto style knife. *Once cut to fit, it is laid in the mold. *When the desired thickness is reached, they put four (4) different types of fabric on the back of it, and then another layer of carbor fiber. *The layers of fabric range from sheer to almost terry-cloth like (these are to make sure that resin activates, and coats evenly). *Once everything is in place, it is then heated in an oven to what ever temperture it takes to activate the resin, for how ever long it takes to cure.

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    Re: Carbon Fiber Inserts...

    Carbon Fibre is strong as in stiff by weight. It can be cut and even sanded just like fiberglass, however, the fibers tend to get loose and leave a frayed surface so you would not want to leave a cut or sanded edge visible.

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    Re: Carbon Fiber Inserts...

    You know, I was told by a guy that you don't want to use that sticker stuff...that CarbonLOOK...he said that once it sticks it won't come off, and if there's air bubbles and stuff, you're screwed. He said it costs $3500 to get it professionally would be worth it if it lasted.
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    Re: Carbon Fiber Inserts...

    I was leaning to the cheaper side, but hell yeah if you can afford the real stuff then that would be the way to go.

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    Re: Carbon Fiber Inserts...

    I just saw the most awesome kit in the world! It's $16,600 USD and it's not ready to be imported here yet. I wish I had that kind of money. Look here It has its own frame and everything. Just click on ATTACK on the left side...the small button. That's the link to the frame. All you have to have is a 90-93 Honda Accord...the engine and rear suspension. Awesome car.
    Good Luck...

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