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Thread: How to mount Ferrari tail lights to my kit?

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    How to mount Ferrari tail lights to my kit?

    I have a 355 kit that was made in Toronto, with the bottom scoop under the door attached to the door. So im just worried about figuring out a way to make mounts for the real Ferrari lights. How have soem of you guys done this? or are you useing corvette lights?

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    Re: How to mount Ferrari tail lights to my kit?

    Installing the tail lights will vary depending on the tail light you are going to use. Mine were replica tail lights that were hollow on the inside with no mounting hardware so I made a round plate out of wood and added in 3 bolts that could be bolted onto the fiberglass. once I had the fit just the way I wanted it, I siliconed the replica tail light to the new mounting plate. for the bulbs themselfs, I cut a round hole in the fiberglass panel and put the light sockets into that. Then I bolted the light assembly to the fiberglass panel. I did have to cut a door into the rear steel panel of the fiero to gain access to the bulbs. All of this extra work can be avoided if you get lights that already have the mounting hardware attached. Before you go and cut anything, I would get the lights you want to use first!!

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