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Thread: Hello - Newbie to kitcars in need of help.. LP640 build.

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    Hello - Newbie to kitcars in need of help.. LP640 build.

    Hello Everyone,
    My names Umair I am from houston tx.. I am considering to get a built LP640 replica.. I am a perfectionist so I need this baby to be close to the real thing as possible..
    Who ever comes accross this thread please help me as much as you can I will greatly appreciate it =)
    Anyways heres what I need..
    I spoke with ceticars and saw there LP640 model.. it looked amazing to me.. (Pictures only not in person..) Has anyone else have dealt with them? I heard there located in houston.. Please let me know about your experience with that company..
    More importantly..
    I would like to have the original LP640 seats (Black with white stitching..) If i can find the versace edition interior I would love to grab that instead.. but that might be real expensive.. The interior pieces have to be exact as well with the buttons to. Does anyone know were I can get these parts and what you think the pricing might be?? (Replica aftermarket or OEM are all welcome.) The cost of the complete kit i was quoted was $12k-$15 depending on options from ceti.. Is that reasonable?? Do you guys know of any other LP640 design company that is true to dimensions that has a better deal?
    I also need the LP640 taillights.. if anyone knows were to get those please let me know..
    Thus finally..
    How much on average does it cost to make a COMPLETE kit car??
    I saw a real murcielago engine complete with drive train for $30,000 (That would be a more long term option..) I am looking at the Corvette z06 engine to get this car rolling.. The engine cost $8grand by itself.. but with drive train, Would the cost come to the same as the murci engine and drive train for $30 grand? Please advise which one I would be better off getting.. and if you know anyone selling those original parts cheaper.

    Are there any turn keys or realible companies that can complete my project for a good price? I have no knowledge of building a vehicle.. I am a programmer/database dude so my knowledge hasnt explored the car vista just yet.

    Lastly most important question..
    I am looking to land this project completed under $75k USD.. I would be looking to go upto 80k USD but no more then that.. Is that possible with my needs??

    Apologies for all the questions but I have the money and im looking to get this thing done.. I want it so perfect that no one can tell the difference..
    All responses will be greatly appreciated.. Thanks again..

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    Re: Hello - Newbie to kitcars in need of help.. LP640 build.

    I will respond to your questions ,you are cover on the interior,there is a member here that has all the interior , i think you should put a deposite on the body an yes Ceticars can supply you with a body kit ,you should get your chassis going first ,your requirements on it seem very important so you should start their . sending you a PM CHECK YOUR BOX ON HERE

    In the USA if you pay a company / person to start a plug, then it,s your plug and work ,it is not theirs to sell or trade !!

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    Re: Hello - Newbie to kitcars in need of help.. LP640 build.

    I'd love to know the answers to a lot of these questions as well!

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