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    Bradley GT

    New member " Hi Ya'll "

    Well here goes another adventure, I picked up a basket case of a Bradlet GT. don't even know the year yet. Total floor pan rot, cracked
    glass body and gone'a need gullwings door/window and back window. Seller getting the title from the little old lady, you remember the one from Passadina.
    Just joined, so looking for all the help I can get about Bradley GT Kit cars. Got two manuals, looks old nuff to be the real ones, not photo copies.

    I will title it in S.C., anyone know about any problems with SC. DMV
    with kit cars.
    the vin number is 117321900, Georgia title calls it a 1967 Brad Coupe CP.
    What year is it, I'm guessing at 1967.

    My location is in Edgefield County SC.
    it's between Augusta, GA and Edgefield, SC

    Photo's of my basket case.

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    Re: Bradley GT

    Welcome to the forum

    Now that the initial "euphoria" of having such a "basket case" decorate your garage for the Holidays has died down a bit, ask yourself an honest question: how much money are you willing to spend to bring this "basket-case" to life and what's your motivation for doing so??

    If you decide that your REALLY have the time, patience and money to bring this "thing" to life, it would be easier and probably cheaper (in my opinion) to get another Bradley GT parts-car to source the parts you're missing!! It sounds odd at first but don't waste your time trying to fabricate the missing and broken parts like doors, glass and interior....Bradley GT cars are a dime-a-dozen on eBay at rock bottom prices. So you might want to consider this opinion.

    First of all make sure you get the Title from the seller before starting anything! Many times the seller loses interest in following thru with the paperwork after the money is in his pocket. And depending on your state it might take a few months to get a duplicate Title. So keep pressure on the seller and make sure he doesn't drop the ball.

    Anyway, I wish you best of luck with your project and hopefully you'll learn a thing or two during your Bradley GT restoration. I don't have any experience on building such a car but they seem fairly simple with a basic VW engine but of poor build quality, fit and finish. That's from seeing a few of them at Carlise Replica Show every year.

    Life is too short to be driving Hondas!

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    Re: Bradley GT

    Welcome and good luck with your project. I believe I saw a Bradley club somewhere on the web.
    And the joke is,<br />when he awoke his,<br />body was covered in Coke fizz !

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    Re: Bradley GT

    I was a junior in high school back in 1971 when I got caught up in the "lure" of building an exotic looking Bradley GT. They were a brand new company trying to get the word out their product so they gave me a "great" deal on their new kit and a 1-800 help line. I can still remember the extra long phone cord I put on my parents phone so I could troubleshoot all the stuff as I talked on the phone. Where do I begin? First, let's do you a big favor, here's the Bradley GT Club web site...
    Next, here's most of the major problems with the 1st series cars and probably why you see them for sale so often. The doors were made of just heat shaped plexiglass (might have been Lucite as well) and are prone to scratching and also cracking around their mounting hardware when winds would whip up, unfasten them and slam them down. Oh, and there is not return cast into the door seal area so the crappy door seals they sent usually leaked like a monsoon inside. I worked around that at the time by using a different sealing system. Easy fix, you now own a convertible and forget about the doors. The rear area was configured two ways, as a large shaped plastic like hatch or what I opted for which was a long removable style "breadbox" made of fiberglass with a 6 inch or so tall rear window that was the width of the car. If you can't find these parts it wouldn't be to hard to fab. a removable piece for back there. Gas tank- This was probably the single biggest problems with these cars if you opted for the "factory" gas tank. The way the crappy filler neck was set up it would tend to throw gas back at you if you put it in too fast. Okay, so that's no big deal but then the rains would come. The chrome filler neck with screw in top had a poor sealing rubber o-ring that would distort when you tightened it down. Easy fix here, go with a modern filler neck or even a Cobra style pop-up Headlights- This is something I would change for sure. They had a cable system that would pull the headlight doors "up" to shut them. When you would see the car moving down the road it looked like it was having some type of medical episode because these doors were always "jittery" no matter how tight that cable was. Easy fix fiberglass in some modern headlight buckets or just get some modern Sterling headlight buckets to glass in.
    I've got to say I had a real love/hate relationship with my car. I had my VW motor modded at the time and the car scaled out at around 1500 pounds so it was a blast to drive on the twisties near my home but then it would rain. I one time drained almost 2 quarts of water out of the gas tank. The best part of the whole experience was that I built it with my father at the time.

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    Re: Bradley GT

    You should not have any problems titling in SC. If you do the thing to do is buy a rusty, cheap VW and swap the VINs and use the VW title. There are no problems in SC using the title of the donor vehicle as long as the built car uses its chassis. The VIN number on the chassis is at the rear of the tunnel rear the transmission nose cone is located.

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