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Thread: Fiberglass bumper cracking

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    Fiberglass bumper cracking

    I've been doing a lot of reading and getting a little scared! A huge complaint is a low car + Fiberglass equals = disaster! Is the problem that bad? The roads here in NY are terrible, if you bottom out is your bumper going to crack in half?

    I hit the front bumpers on a Z06 a few times going over bumps really really slow! All it did was scuff but those bumpers were made of plastic. If they were made of fiberglass would It have torn the bumper? I know a lot of these ricer body kits are cheap, but how would one of our high quality kits like Extreme's hold up?

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    Re: Fiberglass bumper cracking

    Any type of composite material can "tear" if you hit it hard enough especially with the full force of a moving vehicle behind it. We don't have the best of roads here in central Ohio either. My Finale has a fairly low front end and I drove it several thousand miles since building it 7 months ago. Here's how low my body is...

    If you're really concerned about it consider using some type of flex lip on the bottom leading edge or design a "self sacrificing" skid lip made of carbon fiber that would be repairable or at least replaceable. There are ways to design around these problems. Guys with Factory Five GTM's designed their own skid bars to go under the car to keep from bottoming out. I've even seen guys with Lambo Kits use heavy duty casters mounted up under their front frames so the car body would be "lifted" as they bottomed out the nose on driveways and such.

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    Re: Fiberglass bumper cracking

    I have also considered using casters on my F40 build. If anyone here has tried them please let me know. I am going with a fiberglass front spoiler from Norm, it is easily repairable and reasonble in replaced costs.

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    Re: Fiberglass bumper cracking

    I have a C-5 Corvette with an added bodykit. The car has "skid rails" from the factory but now the front airdam hangs so low that I added skid rails to the bottom of the skid rails! ;D I have cut outs in the bottom of the airdam so the modified skid rails hang 1 inch lower than the airdam. It has worked out well. When I hear the dreaded "S-C-R-A-P-E" , I know it is the rail doing it's job and not the fiberglass.
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    Re: Fiberglass bumper cracking

    Casters or rails are a good fix, but why not just fit the car with a quick lift system. They are very reasonably priced through SUMMIT, and easy to install.
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    Re: Fiberglass bumper cracking

    I don't mind the scrapes. I have plenty of them. I would like to lower the rear of the car an additional 2 inches too. Maybe you know of a strut that will work as a shorter replacement for the Fier strut. I need an additional 2 inches shorter to keep the strut from bottoming out.

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