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Thread: 1952 300SL W194 replica

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    1952 300SL W194 replica

    Hello everone; I have a small restoration shop and have begun assembly of a 1952 300SL that is made up from original 1950's genuine parts. This car will be a complete nuts and bolts recreation down to every material and component originally used in the original car. Since in 1952 the factory had yet to create the production Gullwing they used modified 300 Sedan components as will I. My question is; I am getting concerns from the Mercedes Benz Classic Center about this project and they will soon send a cease and desist order Im sure. Can I do anything to avert a lawsuit? Does the factory have a patent on the shape of a 55 year old design? Additionally, the donor car is a already registered and titled 1952 300. Arizona law as far as I can tell doesnt have a law against rebodying an exsisting car but maybe the Feds do? Thanks, Mark

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    Re: 1952 300SL W194 replica

    Well, I think the question here from Mercedes would be, "Are you building this car for a resale purpose or do you plan on making more of these vehicles for profit?" If this is just a "one off" build for yourself I don't see how they would have much of a law suit or even an interest in pursuing you. Does Mercedes have international trade dress rights on a 55 year old design? You wouldn't think so but a lot of larger companies like this have been very diligent about monitoring and re-acquiring their rights to properties both in designs and names. Based on the actions I've seen from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Shelby, etc. over the years I wouldn't be surprised to see that cease and desist order coming your way.

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