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Thread: Rear License Plate Bracket

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    Rear License Plate Bracket

    Hello All

    I'm trying to find a rear license plate bracket for a 355. Any suggestions?


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    Re: Rear License Plate Bracket

    I just drill 2 holes, and square off the holes with a dremel, then flat file. Use a couple of those square plastic inserts you get at the auto parts stores. They usually some with 2 #12 stainless coarse thread screws.

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    Re: Rear License Plate Bracket

    the rear bracket is nothing more then a flat piece of metal with a few holes drilled into it. I have an OEM bracket that I can trace for you if you want.

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    Re: Rear License Plate Bracket

    The bracket was made by Delfi. They are pretty common on Fiat and a few other cars from Italy.

    I purchased mine for $9.99. new

    BTW the Ferrari side marker lights are the same part number as a Fiat Spider. You can usually find those for $4.99 each for a Fiat or $39.99 for a Ferrari. Same part, same numbers.

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