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Thread: Some questions about extreme 360, and kitcars in spain

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    Some questions about extreme 360, and kitcars in spain

    I have read about kitcars for a while and are playing with the idea of building one..
    I realy liked the Lamborghini diablo 6.0 but after more and more reading, special in this forum i rather want to build the extreme 360.

    Anyhow, the main problem is that i live in norway with all those confusing rules and governments.. Everyone sas that "wow.. norway is a great place", But actually i think its turning more and more similar to the old Russia, Communists etc. The P406 Coupe cost; You would never guess! at least 15.000 euro, And that is for the cheapest one, long milage, no AC or leather..taxes-taxes-and some more taxes.

    SOO! that is why i am moving to spain next summer and would like to start my build down there, in the all year summer ;D
    BUT.. I have talked to some persons from spain, and he have described that there is not so mutch better to do a kitcar there..
    (quote) For example, an Extreme 360 never can be used legaly here in Spain. Only can change body look, no engine or framework ( change, cut, or high modifications ). (/quote)

    Hmm. What would the governments or itv station describe as majour framework or cutting?
    As a bodyworker for cars with 5 years of working experience i know that you could actualy do stuff, and rebuild things and it would be just as good as knew.

    But to keep the governments / ITV stations in spain as happy as possible, i was planing to explain to them that this is only a bodykit or styling just as a regular bodykit. Ex, Rieger Evo3 for Mercedes 190.. the only thing with this is that you completely change the apearance insted of doing it more "sporty"
    I would guess that the only way they could say something is take the car apart again? or check out the hight and with of the roof?

    After seeing some build pictures, i am just wondering why you have to cut out the floorpan for the sparewheel? cant you just remove the rearpan where the lights are mounted, instead of the hole floor? or would it come in the way for something..

    also, instead of cutting the rear sidepanels, just hit them as hell with a sledge hammer so everything intact underneath? then it is actually a minor modification..

    Bigger wheel whells, and changing bumpers is just like any other "bodykit" for an bmw or something, and that is ok..
    For the New frame in the back, you could fiberglass it inn to hide it, right? or do the set come with some kind of panels to hide this and protect the inner against water?

    If my ideas or questions sounds lame i have to apologize for that, Just want so realy bad to build this kit and i am trying to find a solution.
    If any other spanish builders actualy have a step-by-step guide of what to do in spain, that would be great.. If not my last change is to import a car from ex. germany, beacause after first check when importing, you didnt have to come again before 5 years, then yearly. (at least i would get 4,5 year to drive around in it.. hehe)

    So, thanks for any answers, and do have to apologize for my "norwenglish" :P

    Regards, tori

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    Re: Some questions about extreme 360, and kitcars in spain


    FGP have papers for the registration, they are possible to registrate the 360 in Europe, take a look

    But its 360 spider on a MR2 MK3



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    Re: Some questions about extreme 360, and kitcars in spain


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