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Thread: 1934 3 window

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    1934 3 window

    Hello everyone. I am new today to this board. I hope to learn a lot from you seasoned veterans and many thanks in advance. I have a partly started street beast 1934 3 -window coupe I bought sunday. The build instructions are vague. Has anyone built the same car? Is there maybe another forum that is more helpful/specific for this model 34?
    I typed in 1934 3 window in the search and got no response. Am I missing something? Maybe the 34 isn't discussed here very much? Thanks

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    Re: 1934 3 window


    Most of the people on this site are building Lambo or Ferrari replicas. I have some experience with a project like yours and they are a bit easier then building one of the replicas mentioned. The process is the same. Long periord of calm punctuated by the excitement of adding a new part or two.

    I am sure you can pick up a few ideas here.

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    Re: 1934 3 window

    Hello heres a great forum they are a great resource. Have fun Norm

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