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Thread: Wheel spacers

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    Wheel spacers

    I have the G-28 on Fiero chassis and I have purchase Helds Wide track set up, but my question is will I still need to purchase wheel spacers? If so what size? Thanks

    Wide Track is on its way I don't have it yet. I am just thinking ahead.

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    Re: Wheel spacers

    You order the wide track instead of spacers. That is why you get the wheels and car built first. Then put the wheels where they should go, then measure how wide the suspension should be and then and only then do you buy the wide track. It seems that you took a guess.

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    Re: Wheel spacers

    Even with a wide track, you may need a spacer if you use wide rims and they happen to rub on your strut. I ran into this problem and added a small spacer to position the rim. I also moved in the strut to get it all to work.
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    Re: Wheel spacers

    I have the G28 also, with the NAERC wide track suspension. The new suspension pushed the wheels out 3" on each side. I added a 1" spacer to make it 4", and now the wheels are perfectly lined up with the wheel wells.
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    Re: Wheel spacers

    Pardone my stupidity,but most of my time is on Fiero Forum.Who has a paic of the,G-28 I have no Idea of what it looks like???
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